Comparative study of green gram cultivation in natural farming vs recommended practices


  • Dayanand Professor
  • R Khan -
  • R Nagar -
  • RS Khatana -



Natural farming, greengram, recommended practices


A comparative study on green gram cultivation in natural farming vs recommended practices was carried out at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Abusar Jhunjhunu in Kharif-2022 to assess future possibilities of Natural farming practices in the district. In natural farming plot no manure and fertilizer were applied, seeds were treated with beejamrit and after sowing Jeevamrit was applied in field as per recommendation while in other plots all recommended doses of fertilizers were applied, seeds were treated with imidacloprid and NPK consortia, for management of weeds herbicide pendamethalin was applied after sowing. Whiteflies were observed in both plots. Neemastra and imidacloprid were applied in natural farming and other plots to control white flies. All observations were recorded from both plots and analyzed. Results revealed that lower yield was observed in natural farming plots (4.54 q/ha) than recommended practices (5.82 q/ha.). Possible causes of low yield in natural farming plots were weeds and severe white fly infestation. In recommended practices, pendamethalin herbicide was applied as pre-emergence, which reduced weed population, while Imidacloprid was sprayed to control white flies, reducing pest infestation. Soil samples after harvesting of crops were taken from both plots and analyzed for available organic carbon and NPK level. In the natural farming plot organic carbon level was slightly higher than in another plot which is a positive sign that it may increase the yield of the next crop.  


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Author Biographies

Dayanand, Professor

Krishi Vigyan kendra, Abusar-Jhunjhunu

R Khan, -

Krishi Vigyan kendra, Abusar-Jhunjhunu

R Nagar, -

Krishi Vigyan kendra, Abusar-Jhunjhunu

RS Khatana, -

Krishi Vigyan kendra, Abusar-Jhunjhunu


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