Effect of different organic sources and mulching on growth, yield and quality of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)


  • MH Kavad -
  • KD Mevad -
  • PC Makavana -




Groundnut, FYM, Vermicompost, Compost, Mulch


Ten treatment combinations comprising five different organic sources viz., Vermicompost, FYM, NADEP-compost, Bangalore-compost and No manure and two levels of mulching viz., mulch with wheat straw @ 2.5t/ha and no mulch were evaluated in randomized block design with factorial concept with four replications. An application of vermicompost recorded significantly higher plant height (13.72, 30.00 and 54.56 cm at 30, 60 DAS and at harvest, respectively) and root length (12.52 cm) at 45 DAS, number of pods per plant (25.82), pod yield (2757 kg/ha), haulm yield (4615 kg/ha) shelling % (73.98%), protein content (24.85%) and oil content (51.68%). The effect of mulch on all the observations was found non-significant. All the interaction effects between organic sources and mulching on all the observations were found non-significant. For getting higher growth, yield and quality of kharif groundnut crop should be applied manures with 20 kg N/ha from vermicompost along with 250 kg PROM/ha.


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Author Biographies

MH Kavad, -

Faculty post graduates Studies, Gujarat Natural Farming and Organic Agricultural University, Anand camp., Anand-388110, Gujarat, India

KD Mevad, -

aFaculty post graduates Studies, Gujarat Natural Farming and Organic Agricultural University, Anand camp., Anand-388110, Gujarat, India

bDirector of Research & Dean of PG studies, GNFOAU, Anand camp, Anand- 388110

PC Makavana, -

Department of Horticulture, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand-388110, Gujarat, India


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