Success story: extraction method of neem oil from neem seed kernel in Eritrea


  • Anday Semere -



Biopesticide, extraction, seed kernel, neem oil


This research aims to extract neem oil from kernels of Neem seed. The extracted neem oil was used for bio-pesticide to control pests. An oil presser machine extraction was used to extract the oil. The results obtained showed that an average 140ml/kg of neem seed kernel. Neem based insecticides are botanical pesticides safer to environment and public. Various studies have shown that neem is non-toxic to birds, beneficial insects.  Moreover, neem oil can be used as fungicide, insecticide, acaricide and nematicide and could be used best alternative in organic farm. The neem cake produced organic fertilizer, containing high organic matter and 13.8% nitrogen, Phosphorus (0.5% to 1.0%) and potassium (1.0% to 2.0%).  The dual activity of neem cake as fertilizer and pest repellent has made it a favored input. Neem cake is a by-product of oil extraction and since it represents 70% of the original seed by weight or volume. Neem is used in storage; pests can be kept away from the grain for a whole year; but if the grain is already infected with pests the protection will not work.


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Author Biography

Anday Semere, -

National Animal and Plant Health Laboratory, Eritrea


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