Effect of harvested rainwater in farm ponds of a saline area on soil properties


  • SB Deore -
  • GU Satpute Professor
  • NM Konde Professor




Farm Pond; Water quality; Soil Health


Harvesting rainwater through surface storage is one of the options to combat the frequently occurring drought condition in rainfed agriculture. The quality of irrigation water plays a very important role in improving crop productivity and maintaining soil health, especially in the saline area. The information on the water quality of harvested rainwater in farm ponds of the saline area needs to be made available. Hence, an attempt has been made to study the water quality in farm ponds and its effect on soil health and crop productivity after irrigation using different energy sources for lifting the water. The study was carried out on 11 dugout-type farm ponds from the Ghusar village in Akola taluka of Akola district. The harvested rainwater in farm ponds was only used as protective irrigation for rabi crops through a sprinkler irrigation system operated by either an electric pump or diesel pump or tractor-operated pump. The values of EC (0.16 to 0.36) dSm-1, pH (7.54 to 8.66), SAR (1.02 to1.78) me l-1 and RSC (0.2 to 0.4) me l-1 in harvested rainwater indicated that the cations and anions were in acceptable limits of safe quality water for protective irrigation. The use of harvested rainwater in farm ponds in Ghusar village of the saline area was also found to be within safe limits from a soil health point of view and it maintains soil fertility.


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Author Biographies

SB Deore, -

Ph.D. Research Scholar at Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, MPKV, Rahuri

GU Satpute, Professor

Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, PDKV, Akola

NM Konde, Professor

Department of Soil and Agricultural Chemistry, PDKV, Akola


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