Performance of coriander under organic and chemical nutrient management practice


  • Prakyath KM School of agricultural sciences and forestry RTU Bengaluru
  • Gurunath V S
  • Channamma Patil
  • Sampada N
  • Shruthi Mudigoudra
  • Kavitha B M
  • Asha D



Coriander, Compost, Recommended Dose of Fertilizer (RDF)


Coriander is one of the most important spice and fresh leaf vegetable which are used widely across the globe. Organic cultivation of this crop has wide scope as it is short duration and reduces the wastage of fertilizers as well as qualitative production. A field experiment was conducted at School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, RTU Bangalore in order to know the effective application rate of compost for economic production in comparison to chemical fertilizer. The research data reveals that, application of compost at 10t/ha produced significantly superior growth, yield parameters and herbage yield compared to control. But it was on par with RDF treatment. Thus application of compost at10t/ha might be an effective nutritional input in organic cultivation of coriander.  


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Author Biography

Prakyath KM, School of agricultural sciences and forestry RTU Bengaluru



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KM, P., V S, G., Patil, C., N, S., Mudigoudra, S., B M, K., & D, A. (2022). Performance of coriander under organic and chemical nutrient management practice. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, 14(14), 173–177.