Bio-efficacy of ground plant powders on the population of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in stored green gram


  • B Ushasri College of Agriculture
  • KI Singh College of Agriculture
  • SM Haldhar College of Agriculture
  • TB Devi College of Agriculture
  • Lakshmi Jidung College of Agriculture
  • R Gokulnath College of Agriculture
  • LNK Singh College of Agriculture



Tribolium castaneum, Management, Adult mortality, Adult emergence, Germination percentage


Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) is one of the major insect pests of stored grains. Experiment was conducted for studying the efficiency of ground plant materials for management of T. castaneum in stored green gram and effect of plant powders on seed germination in laboratory of Department of Entomology, CoA, CAU, Imphal during the period 2021-2022. Studies on effect of plant powders on management of T. castaneum revealed that Black pepper @ 1.5g/kg seed shows maximum mean adult mortality of 100.00 per cent and Sweet flag @ 1.5g/kg seed shows lowest mean adult mortality of 33.33 per cent. Highest seed damage was recorded in Sweet flag @ 1.5g/kg seed (8.00 per cent) and least was in Black pepper @ 1.5g/kg seed (1.67 per cent). Maximum adult emergence was noted in treatment of Sweet flag @ 1.5g/kg seed (8.00 per cent) and lowest was in China berry @ 1.5g/kg seed (1.33 per cent). Evaluation of germination percentage reveals that minimum germination percentage was recorded in Black pepper @ 1.5g/kg seed (91.33 per cent) and maximum was in Indian wormwood @ 1.5g/kg seed (98.67 per cent) but none of the treatment recorded the percentage below the prescribed germination percentage of green gram. Plant powders offers efficient control of red flour beetle and these are available locally and did not show any adverse on the environment and hence can be recommended as alternatives to the chemical insecticides.


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Author Biographies

B Ushasri, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

KI Singh, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

SM Haldhar, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

TB Devi, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

Lakshmi Jidung, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

R Gokulnath, College of Agriculture

Department of Entomology

LNK Singh, College of Agriculture

Department of pathology


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Ushasri, B., Singh, K., Haldhar, S., Devi, T., Jidung, L., Gokulnath, R., & Singh, L. (2022). Bio-efficacy of ground plant powders on the population of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in stored green gram. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, 14(14), 37–43.

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