Bio-efficacy of new fungicide, Tebuconazole- 430SC against coffee leaf rust disease, Hemileia vastatrix Berk and Broome


  • AP Ranjini Central Coffee Research Institute
  • MS Giri Central Coffee Research Institute
  • S Machenahalli Central Coffee Research Institute
  • M Sudha Central Coffee Research Institute
  • S Daivasikamani Central Coffee Research Institute



Coffea Arabica, disease, fungicide, Hemileia vastatrix, leaf rust, management


Coffee is an important plantation crop cultivated worldwide and used as stimulating drink. Coffee leaf rust (CLR) disease is one of the devastating disease affecting foliage of Coffee, limiting Coffee production worldwide. It is caused by an obligate parasite Hemileia vastatrix, which reduce photosynthetic area in turn results in heavy defoliation and die-back of branches. In India CLR management is accomplished with one contact fungicide spray (Bordeaux mixture @ 0.5%) and effective systemic fungicide spray during pre and post monsoon periods respectively. However, to find an alternative to the recommended fungicide the studies were conducted to know the efficacy of new fungicide Tebuconazole 430 SC against CLR. The results revealed that, in the laboratory conditions, complete inhibition of the uredospore germination was observed in Tebuconazole 430 SC @ 0.5 ml/L and 0.75 ml/L and Hexaconazole 5 EC @ 2 ml/L. However, in lower concentration Tebuconazole 430 SC @0.25 ml/L there was 98.97 per cent inhibition and in Copper Oxychloride 50 WP @ 5.5 g/L 87.49 per cent inhibition was observed over control. Field trials indicated that, at all the locations, Tebuconazole 430SC @ 0.75ml/L was found very effective which recorded maximum disease reduction followed by Tebuconazole 430SC @ 0.5ml/L which was found on-par with the currently recommended fungicide Hexaconazole 5 EC @ 2 ml/L and minimum disease reduction was observed in Copper oxychloride 50 WP @ 5.5g/L.


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