Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus levels on phenology, growth and yield of bed planted wheat under varying irrigation levels in semi-arid conditions


  • Z Dawlatzay
  • S Kumar
  • P Kumar
  • P Kumar
  • Satpal -



A field study was conducted in a semi-arid climate to assess the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on timely sown bed planted wheat under varying irrigation levels. The soil of the field was sandy loam, having 0.36% organic carbon and pH 8.2. It was low in available N (132 kg/ha), medium in available P (11.6 kg/ha) and rich in available K (325 kg/ha). The experiment consisted of sixteen treatment combinations of four levels of irrigation (Two, three, four and five irrigations) in main plots and four fertilizer levels (80, 90, 100 and 110% of recommended N and P i.e., 150 kg N and 60 kg P2O5/ha) in sub-plots, laid out in split-plot design with three replications. Application of five irrigations recorded a significant increase in plant height, dry matter accumulation, leaf area index, grain (5022kg/ha) and straw yield (8578 kg/ha) and net returns over two, three and four irrigations. The increased doses of NP significantly increased the growth parameters, grain and straw yield and net returns up to 110% recommended dose of NP.


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