Adaptive dynamics of earhead bugs in different genotypes of sorghum under abiotic factors


  • D Kumar
  • K Rolania
  • BL Sharma
  • L Kumar
  • VK Saini



Abiotic correlation, earhead bugs, population dynamics, resistance, susceptible, sorghum


Based on preliminary screening, ten sorghum genotypes were selected on the basis of head bugs infestation and grain damage rating by visual observation method and replicated thrice in a plot size of 3 metre row length. The population build-up of sorghum earhead bugs was low with mean of 18.9 bugs/5 panicles in resistant genotypes as compared to susceptible ones (66.20 bugs/panicles) and minimum temperature, relative humidity of morning and evening hours were negatively correlated while, maximum temperature and sunshine hours were positively correlated with head bug population build-up in sorghum crop. It is inferred that sorghum earhead bugs did not preferred some sorghum varieties with certain morphological as well as biochemical plant characters which in the end reflects in the population build-up of sorghum earhead bugs.


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