Study the inheritance of branching behaviour and bearing pattern in clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.)


  • MK Choudhary
  • Ramavtar Sharma
  • HR Mahla
  • D Singh
  • DK Sarolia


Inheritance, Clusterbean, Segregating population, Chi-square method, monogenic inheritace, Polymeric gene action, Supplementry gene action


The present study was carried out to know about inheritance of two characters namely branching behavior and bearing pattern in clusterbean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub] in F2 segregating population. The initial experimental material consisted of F1 seeds of three different crosses along with parents of clusterbean viz., F5 × RGC-1066, PNB × CAZG-16-10-3, IDB-29-2 × BSL(11×15). The segregating progenies were raised at 50 cm row to row and 20 cm plant to plant spacing. All the F2 segregating plants of a cross were tagged and observations were recorded periodically till confirmation of the phenotype. The statistical analysis done by chi square method to find the goodness of fit for genetic ratio for different gene action involved in these segregating populations. The present study revealed that the branching behavior was controlled by two pairs of genes interacting in different pattern in two segregating F2   population viz., PNB × CAZG-16-10-3 (9:6:1) exhibited polymeric gene action, F5 × RGC-1066 (9:3:4) exhibited with supplementary gene action, while IDB-29-2 × BSL (3:1) branching and bearing pattern controlled by one pair of gene which exhibited monogenic inheritance.


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Choudhary, M., Sharma, R., Mahla, H., Singh, D., & Sarolia, D. (2021). Study the inheritance of branching behaviour and bearing pattern in clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.). Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, 12(12), 94–97. Retrieved from

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