Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth and yield of spinach (Beta vulgaris L.) cv. All Green


  • DK Singh
  • PK Yadav
  • PK Pareek
  • MK Choudhary


Spinach, Beta vulgaris, Azotobactor, PSB, biofertilizer


Spinach beet is one of the most common leafy vegetables of tropical and sub-tropical regions. The popular palak growing states include Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, Palak is not very popular in South India. It is primarily used as potherb. It is a rich Source of vitamin A and C and also contains appreciable amount of protein, calcium and iron. The leaves contain low oxalic acid. Variety All Green was developed at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi,  it produces green tender leaves and gives about 6-7 cuttings at 15-20 days interval with  yields about 12 tonnes/ha. Bio-fertilizers are less expressive, ecofriendly and sustainable likely to assume greater significance complement or supplement to inorganic fertilizers. A field experiment was conducted to see the effect of biofertilizers on growth and yield of spinach. Under study treatments imposed were Control – RDF (T0), Azotobacter @ 10kg/ha (T1), PSB @10 kg/ha (T2), Azotobacter + PSB each @10 kg/ha (T3), Azotobacter + PSB as seed treatment (T4), Azotobacter @ 2 lit/ha (T5), PSB @2 lit/ha (T6), Azotobacter+ PSB each @2 lit/ha (T7),Azotobacter @10 kg and PSB @2 lit/ha (T8), Azotobacter @ 2 lit + PSB @ 10 kg/ha (T9). Result revealed that biofertilizer supplimentation beneficial over control with respect to growth and yield of crop. Among biofertilizers of Azotobacter and PSB   each at 2 litre per hectare application through liquid formulation was better and economic to the farmers for growing spinach cv. All Green.


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