Application of smart phone agro-advisory services of m4agriNEI in climate smart natural resource management in agriculture by tribal farmers of Meghalaya: an empirical study with structural equation modeling


  • RJ Singh
  • Ram Singh
  • NJ Singh
  • TS Anurag
  • Bai Koyu


AAS, ICT, m4agriNEI, Climate-Smart Natural Resource Management, Structural Equation Modeling


Smart phone applications are increasingly being used by farmers of North East India to help them make informed decision on Climate-Smart Natural Resource Management (CSNRM). The research project m4agriNEI is an innovative mix of Smart Phone and web applications along with Toll Free IVRS based farmer specific agro-advisory system being implemented at College of P.G. Studies in Agricultural Sciences of CAU, Imphal at Umiam, Meghalaya in collaboration with Digital India Corporation, New Delhi. The present study aims to investigate and confirm a successful model application of smart phone Agro-Advisory Services (AAS) by the registered farmers of m4agriNEI by incorporating five constructs through Structural Equation Modelling on CSNRM in Agriculture. Survey research design was followed in the study by incorporating exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. A total of 363 registered farmers were treated as respondents in the study. The study unveiled that ‘Smart Phone Agro-Advisory Services Acceptance Model’ of m4agriNEI is a successful model on empowering the tribal farmer of Meghalaya in climate smart natural resource management in agriculture by providing right information in right time through a smart phone based agro-advisory system.


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