Studies of the effect of growth promoting hormones on rooting of cutting in Caralluma (Caralluma sarkariae) Lavranos & Frandsen


  • GG Kannan
  • K Rajamani
  • L Nalina
  • D Uma


Caralluma sarkariae, IAA, IBA, anti-obesity, kallimudaiyan


Caralluma sarkariae is a succulent herb belongs to the family of Apocyanaceae. The population of Caralluma sarkariaeis found growing in a secluded area at Nagamalai hills of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The crop with its immense medicinal value such as anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties need to be explored and promoted in non-traditional areas. Hence the experiment was taken up to study the effect of growth regulators on rooting of cuttings in Caralluma sarkariae. The results revealed that, the use of growth regulators greatly influenced on growth parameters particularly shoot and root length, when side shoots were treated with IBA 200 ppm.


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