Effect of different nutrient formulations on growth and yield of Cordyline fruticosa grown in soilless culture system


  • S Vishnupandi
  • T Thangaselvabai


Cut foliage, Cordyline fruticosa, Soilless culture system, Hoagland and Arnon nutrient formulation


Cut foliages are an important component of the floricultural industry, largely used in decoration as filler in floral compositions. They provide freshness, colour and variety to arrangements and bouquets. Cordyline fruticosa is an important cut green in the world trade and used worldwide for its beautiful foliage.The increasing demand for the production of quality cut foliages pressurizes the flower growers to adopt advanced technologies even under poor resource conditions. Soilless culture is one such production system that involves precise control of nutrition and efficient use of water, which in turn resulted in quality produce commanding premium price in the market. Owing to the above demand, the present investigation was carried out during 2017-18 at Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam to determine the effect of different nutrient formulations on growth and yield of Cordyline fruticosa grown in soilless culture system. Eight nutrient formulations were tested for its efficacy along with rain water as control and observations on growth and yield parameters were recorded. The results of the study revealed that Hoagland and Arnon- nutrient formulation increased growth and yield parameters of Cordyline fruticosa grown in soilless culture system.


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