Bio-efficacy different insecticides against jasmine blossom midge, Contarinia maculipennis Felt in Jasminum sambac L.


  • K Harini
  • K Elanchezhyan
  • N Murugesan


Bio-efficacy, blossom midge, insecticides, Jasminum sambac


The bio-efficacy of five botanicals and eleven insecticides were evaluated against jasmine blossom midge, Contarinia maculipennis Felt infesting Jasminum sambac. Among the botanicals, pungam oil was the most effective treatment with least infestation followed by NSKE were able to reduce the infestation by 82.66 and 76.21 per cent, respectively. Flubendiamide 39.35 SC was the best treatment recording the greatest reduction of 85.47 per cent followed by chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC, respectively. The results concluded that insecticides are more effective then botanic insecticides against blossom midge.


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