Influence of plant growth regulators and nutrients on biometric, growth and yield attributes in Blackgram (Vigna mungoL.)


  • AS Sachin
  • T Sivakumar
  • K KrishnaSurendar
  • M Senthivelu


Blackgram, Plant growth regulators, TNAU Pulse Wonder, transport efficiency


A study was carried on the transport efficiency of blackgram as influenced by the foliar application of plant growth regulators and nutrient mixture during rabi, 2017-18 as pot culture experiment at glass house of the Department of Crop Physiology. Foliar application of salicylic acid (SA) (250 ppm), mepiquat chloride (MC) (250 ppm), chlorocholine chloride (CCC) (150 ppm) were applied at flower initiation stage and 15 days after the first spray, on blackgram with and without the seed treatment of salicylic acid (50 ppm). TNAU Pulse Wonder (1%) was applied as foliar spray at peak flowering stage. Among the treatments, TNAU Pulse Wonder recorded higher plant height, leaf area, leaf area index and seed yield plant-1. It is concluded that TNAU Pulse Wonder improved the source-sink relationship compared to other treatments with enhanced biometric, growth parameters and yield of blackgram.


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