Bioefficacy of paclobutrazol on growth, flowering, fruiting and yield attributes of mango cv. Dashehari under Pantnagar agro-climatic condition


  • K Kumar
  • JS Gora


Bio-efficacy, paclobutrazol, Mango, Dashehari, regular bearing


The investigation was carried out to find out the bioefficacy of paclobutrazol on regular bearing of mango cv. Dashehari. Paclobutrazol was applied as soil drench around the tree trunk @ 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 60ml and 30ml (ES)/ tree along with control. There was significant variations observed in growth, flowering, fruiting, yield and quality attributes due to different doses of paclobutrazol. Treatment T4 (paclobutrazol 30ml/tree) was found superior with respect to yield and quality parameters. It was found to reduce vegetative growth and increase flowering, fruit set, fruit retention, yield attributes, TSS, sugars, ascorbic acid and β carotene content. Therefore, it is finally recommended that paclobutrazol @ 30 ml/ tree should be applied for getting maximum fruit yield without affecting the fruit quality


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