Timely sowing effect on incidence of aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis in blond psyllium, Plantaga ovata, Forsk


  • RK Sanp
  • V Singh


Sowing time, blond psyllium, R. maidis


To find out the effect of different sowing dates on Rhopalosiphum maidis of blond psyllium, P. ovata, (Forsk) crop to determine the optimum sowing of dates. It is seen that the incidence and population fluctuation of R. maidis was dependent on the prevailed climatic conditions of the cropping seasons. The five different sowing dates revealed that early sown crop (9th November) had the minimum infestation (21.84 aphid/tiller) of aphids and highest seed yield (7.32 q ha-1) was obtained as compared to the late sowing crop 30th December (51.02 aphids/tiller) whereas, minimum seed yield was obtained on sown crop 7th December (4.03 q ha-1).


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