Mean performance of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) genotypes under Tamil Nadu condition


  • DA Akshay
  • S Praneetha
  • P Irene Vethamoni
  • S Rajeswari


Thirteen genotypes of brinjal were collected from various places of Tamil Nadu and other states and evaluated during September 2017- January 2018. Among these, the plant height of the genotypes ranged between 72.93cm (Utkal Anushree) to 95.84 cm (Bhavani Gold), Number of branches was found be highest in IC 3749281 (7.75), ABSR 2 recorded the least number of days to first flowering (43.15 days), Karur Local showed the least value of 64.46 days for days to first harvest among the genotypes, Thevur Local recorded the maximum fruit length of 12.95 cm, Mattu Gulla  showed the highest value of fruit girth (17.44 cm) and individual fruit weight (88.67 g). The maximum number of fruits was recorded in ABSR 2 (39.75), the shoot borer infestation was found to least in IC 374928-1 (11.28 %) and least value for fruit borer infestation was observed in Karur Local (14.16 %) and ABSR 2 (14.87 %). Among the genotypes evaluated, the highest marketable yield was recorded in Karur Local (2.60 kg) followed by Bhavani Gold (2.15 kg).


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