Comparison of physiological and flowering parameters of main and off season by using different plant nutrients and growth hormone in mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Bangalora


  • R Anusuya
  • RM Vijayakumar
  • S Srividhya
  • R Sivakumar


Mango, Bangalora, off season, main season, physiology, flowering.


A field experiment was conducted at Regional Research Station, Paiyur during the year 2017-2018, to improve the physiological and flowering parameters using various plant growth regulators and nutrients. Observations were recorded on physiological and floral parameters. The chlorophyll ‘a’ (2.21 mg/g), ‘b’ (1.80 mg/g), total chlorophyll content (2.68 mg/g), chlorophyll index (57.98) and total soluble protein content (13.96 mg/g) were higher in the treatment PBZ (paclobutrazol) @ 0.75 g a.i. per m2 + KNO3 (1%) + NAA (20 ppm) during the main season. The least number of days were taken for initiation of first flowering (61.00 days) in the same treatment during the main season. Number of hermaphrodite flowers per panicle (458.29), length of panicle (43.63 cm) and number of panicles per m2 (36.33), were higher during the main season comparing the off season crop in the same treatment.


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