Effect of supplementary feeding on the growth and economics of feeding of kids under semi-arid conditions


  • B S Khadda
  • Kanak Lata
  • Raj Kumar
  • J K Jadav
  • P Kalas


Body weight, concentrate mixture, feed, growing goats, mineral mixture, semi- arid.


A trial was conducted at KVK- Panchmahal, Gujarat, India, to assess the effect of supplementation of concentrate and mineral mixture on growth of goats under semi-arid field condition. Thirty Gohilwadi growing kids (3-4 month old) were randomly divided into three groups of ten each. Group T1 (goats kept under sole grazing), T2 (goats fed 150 g concentrate mixture), and T3 (goats fed 150 g concentrate mixture and 10 g mineral mixture in addition to grazing). The duration of experimental feeding was 90 days in all the groups. Total weight gain in T1, T2 and T3 group was 3.22±0.98, 6.36±0.42and 7.15±0.58 kg, respectively of experiment feeding after 90 days. Average daily gain (g) was 35.83±7.22, 70.66±4.67and 79.44±6.47 in T1, T2 and T3, respectively. The kids in supplemented group (T2 and T3) achieved significantly higher body weight (17.42±.0.49 and 18.55±0.66 kg.) than the non-supplemented group (14.52±0.96). The net return from group T2 and T3 was significantly higher as compared T1. It could be concluded that supplementary feeding of concentrate and mineral mixture to the growing goats improve the growth performance of goats.


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