Study of variability and heritability in coriander (Coriandrumsativum L.) genotypes under normal and limited moisture stress condition


  • A Singh
  • D Singh
  • VP Agrawal
  • D Dayanand


Variability, Coefficient of variations, heritability, genetic advance, limited moisture stress, biological yield


Drought is very common adverse environmental factor limiting crop production in most of the tropical and subtropical regions of India, thus limiting up productivity. Limited moisture stress is the major constraint in productivity. To generate information on the effect of moisture stress on various traits which contribute for yield would be helpful in developing tolerant coriander genotypes. The result revealed that plant height; umbels per plant and biological yield per ten plants are most important yield component character in limited moisture condition.


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Singh, A., Singh, D., Agrawal, V., & Dayanand, D. (2018). Study of variability and heritability in coriander (Coriandrumsativum L.) genotypes under normal and limited moisture stress condition. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, 5(5), 50–55. Retrieved from

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