Environmental awareness analysis

effect of father's qualification


  • Monika Raghuvanshi


Awareness, parents, youths


Youths are effected by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors, however parents have major influence on them. Awareness about environment can make them live a better life with a better life style. As per fieldwork conducted one observation was that elders act as de-motivating force for extra-curricular activities and rather want youths to focus on study. Hence, environmental initiatives are discouraged in youths. This study was conducted for analyzing the effect of father’s qualification on boy’s awareness. Sample was collected from secondary school students of age group 14 to 20 from Bikaner city of Rajasthan. Primary data was collected using questionnaire method. Awareness was measured on the environmental issues such as water, light, L.P.G., fuel, air, tree, plastic and global warming. Boys were divided as per father’s qualification into following categories- (1). Not educated, (2). Till 8th class, (3) 9th to 12th class and (4) Graduation and above. Chi-square or z-test was used for analysis at significance level 0.05 for testing two-tailed hypothesis. Results depicted that the difference in the awareness level of boys about various environmental issues with difference in father’s qualification was not significant. Hence, it may be concluded that there is no effect of father’s qualification on boy’s awareness. However there is impact of father’s qualification on overall awareness level of boys. It means it is not necessary that impact of father’s qualification can be seen on one, two or few questions however when overall awareness level is calculated impact of father’s qualification can be seen on boy’s awareness. Parents are concerned about education however other dimensions too need to be developed in youths like awareness about environment so that they could lead an efficient healthy life mutually beneficial for man and nature.


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Author Biography

Monika Raghuvanshi

Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


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