International Conference on Natural Farming for Revitalizing Agriculture and Resilient Agriculture (NF - RERA) 2023 


Feeding the increasing population nationally and globally requires significant increase in food production du.ring the coming decades despite the increased frequency of climate abbreviation, higher frequency of resistance to herbicides and pesticides, plateauing in the growth of crop productivity due to various environmental impacts on both sgil and water quality, carbon content, emission of green house gases and overall the unfavorable factor productivity across the crops and the regions. In addition, there has been challenges in maintaining the required nutritional quality in the agricultural products; byproducts; fruits and vegetables; milk products; demanding a paradigm shifting; process of food production and overall a food system which will help both for food nutrition and environmental security.

India is unique in its ancient wisdom documented in the form of four Vedas, thirteen Upvedas (Upnishads) and a good number of vedantas; the key learning's being that all the living beings including the human beings are made of five basic ingredients collectively called as panch bhootas - Jal, Vaayu, Agni, Aakash and Bhoomi. These puncha bhootas also are the centre to agriculture. Natural farming, therefore, can be explained in terms of proper utilization and management of these bhootas- Jal, Vaayu, Agni, Aakash and Bhoomi.

Natural Farming is purported to be a disruptive farm practice addressing major concerns of farmers regarding rising cgst of production. It envisages ecological or regenerative agriculture approaches under which the application of any kind of chemicals to soil biosystems is prohibited. It relies more on soil biology than soil chemistry by encouraging multi cropping, round-the-year soil cover, the addition of formulation made up of cow dung and urine to trigger the microorganisms in the soil system. Plants co-evolve with other organisms in the environment including microbes in a mutually beneficial relationship. This connection has been broken due to adoption of chemical based modem agriculture practices.

Keeping this in view an International Conference on Natural Farming for Revitalizing Environment and Resilient Agriculture (NF-RERA : 2023) has been planned to be held during March 17 to 19, 2023 at Central Agricultural University (CAU), the harbinger of Agriculture Innovation and Agriculture Education in North East India. A cross section of all the stakeholders involved in food systems (including countries, States, intergovernmental organizations (IGO), civil society and theprivate sector, research, and academic institutions) should hold deliberation on various aspects of agro-ecological and other innovative approaches to foster transformation of food systems by improving resgurce efficiency, strengthening resilience and securing social equity/responsibility.

Call for Papers:
Abstracts (300 words) in MS Word (Times New Roman) format in font size 12 having ,names of authors and affiliation should be submitted in electronic form on email: to the Organizing Secretary latest by January 31, 2022. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be included in the book of abstracts. All the full length papers will be published in the Special Issue of Journal of Agriculture and Ecology ( (NAAS Rating: 4.36)

Important Deadlines:
Submission of the lead papers: 31-01-2023
Submission of the abstracts: 31-01-2023
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 15-02-2023
Registration for accommodation (Paid): 15-02-2023