Response of Guava cv. L-49 to Urea and murate of potash fertigation levels

  • DK Sarolia
  • KD Ameta
  • SK Sharma
  • RK Meena


Farmer’s practices of guava cultivation in trend with basin irrigation and basal fertilizer application, which has low application and use efficiencies. However, some farmers in the state are reluctant to adopt drip technology, due to lack of information on fertigation scheduling and high cost of water soluble fertilizers (WSF) this practice not in vogue. Now need to assess basal fertilizer doses application through drip for better use efficiency. Guava cv. L-49 imposed to apply eleven treatment combinations comprised viz., Farmer’s practice (basin & basal application) with urea and murate of potash fertigation levels viz., Farmer’s practices (basin &basal application) (T1), drip irrigation and basal application of fertilizers (T2), 50 % RDF (N+K) at 3 days interval through fertigation(T3), 50 % RDF (N+K) at 5 days interval through fertigation(T4), 50 % RDF (N+K) at 7 days interval through fertigation(T5), 75 % RDF (N+K) at 3 days interval through fertigation(T6), 75 % RDF (N+K) at 5 days interval through fertigation(T7), 75 % RDF (N+K) at 7 days interval through fertigation(T8), 100 % RDF (N+K) at 3 days interval through fertigation (T9), 100 % RDF (N+K) at 5 days interval through fertigation(T10) and  100 % RDF (N+K) at 7 days interval through fertigation(T11).  All observations were recorded from winter season crop. Treatment T11 (100 % RDF (N+K) at 7 days interval through fertigation) additional produced fruit yield of 8.12 q ha-1 in comparison to the farmer’s practices (T1).


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Fertilizer use efficiency, guava, low cost fertigation, traditional fertilizers (urea & MOP)