Effect of organic manures and different levels of NPK on growth and quality of bottle gourd [Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Standl.]

  • M Nagar
  • AK Soni
  • DK Sarolia
  • HR Saini


A field experiment was conducted during kharif, season 2012 to study the effect of organic manures and different levels of NPK on growth and quality of Bottle gourd. The experiment consisting of 16 treatments viz., four levels of NPK (control, 100:50:50, 80:40:40 and 60:30:30) and organic manures (control, vermicompost, poultry manure and FYM) designed in factorial RBD with three replications. Results indicated that application of NPK (100:50:50) + vermicompost (5.0 t/ha) was recorded minimum days taken to appearance of first female flower, maximum length of main vine (m), number of primary branches per vine, length and width of leaf (cm) 45 days after sowing, minimum node number at first female flower appeared, protein content in fruit, crude fibre content in fruit, nitrogen content in fruit, phosphorus content in fruit, potassium content in fruit, yield q/ha and return rupees investment.


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Bottle gourd, poultry manure, vermin-compost